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Greetings! It’s less than a month until HIS RIP-ROARIN’ BRIDE–my first out-and-out romantic romp–will be released.His Rip-Roaring Bride

Got the cover for the third in the #TexanBrides series, HIS HIGH-STAKES BRIDE and finished the copy-edits for it. Hooray for that. The cover for HIGH-STAKES is beautiful! My publicist at Kensington tells me there will be a big Cover Reveal around the end of March/the first week of April. That’s just the time for HIS RIP-ROARIN’ BRIDE’s release–see below. I will be busy, I can tell you. Happily busy.

I’m getting my act together to attend the RT Booklovers Convention in Atlanta, May 2-8. My good pal Sarah Robinson will be with me for the convention. She’s a delight! Sarah and I are just returned from spending almost a week visiting Kathryn Falk-Rubin, the Lady of Barrow, at her Texas estate and we are fired up to attend the 2017 RT Booklovers Convention in Atlanta in May. We arrive Tuesday, May 2, and we’ve already told the convention coordinator, Jo Carol Jones, to count on us to help with registration. Sarah and I will help, yes, but we also plan to have a great time. Just yesterday, my cousin I heard that my cousin Jann Rand and her daughter-in-law, the author Chanta Jefferson Rand, are attending. Now it will be a family affair, too, this #1 place for writers and readers to have a great time.

GOOD BUSINESS NEWS. I’m told that over and above the frequent, Lyrical Press-sponsored 99-cent sales, the Amazon #1 Bestseller THE CATTLEMAN TAKES A WIFE and LONE STAR LOVING, #McLoughlinTrilogy have permanently been discounted to $2.99. Big smile for this bargain.

*LONE STAR LOVING is still on sale. It’s the 2nd in the McLoughlin trilogy.

Also, I’ve just received word from James Abbate, my eyes and ears in the Kensington office, and he tells me there will be a big backlist sale from the end of March through the middle of April to celebrate the publishing house’s further expansion into the European and Australia/New Zealand markets. Three cheers for that! All my old titles will sell at a deep discount during that period, most for $1.99. These include the award-winning bestseller, MAIL-ORDER MAN, and the Magic Lamp series: River Magic, Destiny’s Magic, and Magic and the Texan.

As well, I’m looking forward to the March 28 release of HIS RIP-ROARIN’ BRIDE, my first historical romantic comedy. Sheriff Wes Alington has his hands full when Lisa-Ann Wilkins arrives in Lubbock, shooting up Scarlet Garter Jenny’s Saloon for the purpose of killing the man who stole her money and killed her dog. I’ll have more to say on the subject at a later date. Right now, I’m trying to get my computers reloaded–one got high-jacked, the other simply crashed–and I’m working on taxes. Worse, Carl and I have just lost our beloved brother-in-law, William Rigney, Sr. It goes without saying I’m a little distracted.

But I will say, HIS RIP-ROARIN’ BRIDE is altogether different from anything I’ve written in the past. Once Rip-Roarin’ is out and you’ve read it, let me know what you think. I’ll warn you, though. Like the first in the #TexanBrides series, Rip-Roarin’ is a long novella and it’s on the sensual side in the hot-sex department. So far, the advance reviews have been nice. I’m especially proud of icon Pamela Morsi’s!

     “5 Stars – The trope of opposites attract…told with a Texas twang. Martha Hix’s new novella, HIS RIP ROARIN’ BRIDE is a delightful short read with tons of western authenticity, some great laughs and a bit of a mystery to boot.
     “Sheriff Wes yearns for a gentle woman of culture and conversation. Lisa-Ann is that sturdiest of Hill Country flowers. With Dad and Granny dead, and Mama in prison, she’s had to make the best of rough life. Now a man has done her wrong, stole her money and killed her dog. She is determined to put him six-feet under. But a sheriff’s got a job to do. And that job means curbing a wild woman with killing streak.
     “The question is, can Wes win her heart after thwarting her revenge? And will he need to completely give up his dignity to do it? The serenade scene alone is worth the read.
     “Delightfully believable characters. I think my readers will really enjoy this.” ~~Pamela Morsi posted at

As for 99-cent sales, guess what! Through April 1
eBook editions of
THE CATTLEMAN TAKES A WIFE (5 peppers hot!) and
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