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April 20, 2017

It’s Thursday, a day of ups and downs. A big downer in that my boon companion, Sadie Robinson, can’t go with me to RT Booklovers Convention in Atlanta. But for good reason. She was offered the general manager post at Escondida Spa and Resort in Medina–yep, the one Bob Phillips touts every Sunday morning on TV here in Texas. Good for you, Sadie. But I’ll miss you. A bunch of us will miss you.

Luckily I was able to find another roommate, thanks to a wonderful new friend, an industry professional from Cape Town in South Africa, Lee Ching. She hooked me up with editor-blogger Melinda Utendorf. I think Melinda and I will be a great fit, and the three of us are already planning for drinks. Look out, Atlanta!

I have lots of plans for the convention. Of course to spend time with those near and dear to my heart–Kathryn Falk, Jo Carol Jones, Sharon Murphy, Kate Ryan, and the Kensington folks–that goes without saying. I hope to run into old friends like I did last year and meet new ones. Desiree Holt and I have plans to meet–we live near each other in the Hill Country–and I’m delighted at this chance to get better acquainted with this remarkable writer and icon.

As well, I have family at the convention. Yep. My cousin Kerry Rand is married to multi-published author Chanta Rand. Kerry’s mom, Jann Rand, will accompany Chanta to Atlanta. I’m looking forward to making a family reunion out of the convention. Also, I have friends in the area. If you know me, you know I’m a nut for genealogy. When I was a kid in my 20s, I belonged to the Houston Genealogical Forum. There was one other girl “kid” in the group, Kim Schmitt. We’ve stayed pals all these years, albeit long-distance, after she moved to Georgia. She and husband Andy have promised to drive in to town for a powwow.

Kensington plans several events for readers as well as their writers, and those can’t be missed. Thank heavens my editor is planning to attend, and we’ll share some quality time.  This is great, since I’m working on a brand-new three-book contract and we’ll have lots to talk about.

On the personal side, tomorrow–April 21st–is San Jacinto Day here in the Lone Star State. On this date 181 years ago, Sam Houston and his Texian army caught up with Santa Ana and his 6000 troops and made them pay for what they did in Goliad at La Bahia and at the Alamo in San Antonio.

Twenty-three years ago in San Antonio, my beautiful daughter Sharon gave birth to a “one-ton watermelon.” At least that’s what she and her husband, Chris, thought the mariachis at the hospital were singing about, rather than Guantanamera, just before Miss Natalie Rand Weller made her grand entrance to the world. Whatever the celebration, Natalie has certainly brightened our lives. Happy Birthday, Natalie!

April 7, 2017

The Cover Reveal was a sensation! (Isn’t she PRETTY, the young woman on the cover…?) My publicist at Kensington, Michelle Forde, did a great job of setting up the reveal through Silver Dagger Scriptorium. Each of the bloggers and reveal sites set it up nicely, and a few did an excellent job. Tweets were flying around, retweeting and retweeting. Action went on for days on end. Tickled me to death.  Thank you, everyone who worked to make the reveal a success.

It certainly beat my “book tour” for His Make-Believe Bride. I didn’t have a clue what I should do. When my last book was published, it was a different story, pun intended. And if I knew about the tour in advance, I forgot about it. All I know is, HMBB was released the same day as the book tour launched…and I fell sick with a hideous generalized sickness that lasted forty days and forty miserable nights, leaving me almost blind for another two months. Not a fun time at all. It wasn’t something I wanted to admit, when I was trying to promote my first new book since the year 2000.

Which made the cover reveal for HIS HIGH-STAKES BRIDE all the more wonderful.

Still and all, HIS RIP-ROARIN’ BRIDE–bless HER pea-pickin’ heart–had just been released to NO FANFARE. It’s different from anything else I’ve ever written. People generally get a kick out of it. But if they don’t like it, they think it’s silly. See what YOU think about it.

April 5, 2017

TOMORROW, Thursday, April 6, is the Cover Reveal for my next book, HIS HIGH-STAKES BRIDE! If you’d like to join in on the cover reveal, you’re cordially invited to do so.

March 29, 2017

Yep, Lisa-Ann Wilkins has done been let loose on Lubbock, Texas. As of yesterday, March 28. Hooray! The second PG-rated story published, and one more to go in the #TexanBrides series. If you click the meme (graphic) above, you’ll reach the review page at, where the world’s leading group of (tough) readers critique books.  If you’re interested in buying a copy, it’s available at Amazon, iTunes, Nook, etc.

Thank you, if you do buy one. It’s less expensive than the average cup of coffee, but still–it’s an outlay of money and trust in being entertained. I hope you’ll be satisfied.

Yesterday, Reader’s Entertainment Magazine ran an article penned by yours truly. This is the second time I’ve written for them, and I must say, this is an excellent publication–after all, look at the type of person they ask to submit articles, ME. Well, haha. No, really. This online magazine features interesting articles. Check ’em out…after you’ve read my story, of course.

One last thing. I plan to attend the RT Booklovers Convention in Atlanta, this May. Let me know if you plan to be there. Easiest way to reach me is at my Facebook page, Martha Hix writer. I’m also known as Martha Rand Hix.

That’s it for today, I think.  Hope you have a wonderful day. This is the fourth day of the honeymoon for our grand-niece and new grand-nephew–Kimberlee and Brandon Zegarelli. And it’s the birthday of our wonderful nephew, our true Rocket Scientist and Orion to Mars man, Brian Watson. Happy, happy!  ~~~MARTHA


Martha says on…March 25

It’s Saturday night and my sweetheart and I are preparing to attend our grandniece’s wedding, to be held tomorrow afternoon near Hamilton Pool in the Austin, Texas area. Carl and I used to picnic and swim with our two daughters at Hamilton Pool in the 1970s. I seem to recall Hippie Hollow wasn’t far away… That was where everyone skinny dipped. And why not? After all it was the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.

Back home in the deeper depths of the Texas Hill Country, the wildflowers are earning their keep and it’s a great time to be a Texan. It’s not cold, it’s not hot. The beer is flowing in Luckenbach, the tourists are flocking to Fredericksburg, and here in Kerrville, #1 Sweetheart and I are thrilled to death that our BFFs, the Boulognes, are planning a December visit. That’s no mean feat, you understand, since they live in Brittany. We haven’t seen them in way too long. About five years for Rene and ten years for Eileen!

As for the family, I had a nice FaceTime chat with the Houston grandsons during Spring Break. Colin is now six-feet tall! Grayson will soon finish first grade. Those boys are growing up…. I wish I could spend more time with them, could savor their growing-up years.

As for the grown up grandson, William is still in Seattle, but we hope he’ll be back in Texas this summer and return to school, now that he’s out of the Army. As for Natalie, she just took possession of her first automobile, a Jeep. There’s no stopping her now. And that leaves Aiden and Hannah. Hannah is a true tomboy, and Aiden has his hands full keeping up with her! Carl and I are truly blessed to have these kids in our lives.

As for writing, there’s plenty of it. I’ve just agreed to a new three-book contract with my once-and-always home, Kensington Publishing and their Lyrical Press. Plans are for two full-length Texas historicals to be released in 2018, the third in 2019. I’m writing the first in the #TexasRaycasters series, “as we speak.”

#TexanBrides update. My mom had a saying. “We grow too soon old, too late smart.” That’s yours truly. For the past five months, I had been noticing without much notice that the first in the #TexanBrides series, HIS MAKE-BELIEVE BRIDE, always showed up  in the Top 100 Bestselling List at the Amazon Kindle Store for Historical Fiction Short Stories, never falling below the  Top 40 list. I didn’t think that much of it. I figured there probably weren’t but 100 to pick from. Then a friend pointed out, “Are you nuts? There are thousands and thousands to choose from!” Of course, the day after I announced my five-month run in the Top 40, I immediate dropped to #80…then dropped more, but that’s okay. I still had those five months. Thank you for that support.His Rip-Roaring Bride

Now for the BIG NEWS. If you’ve been living under a rock, or have pointedly ignored me, you haven’t heard about HIS RIP-ROARIN’ BRIDE–my first out-and-out romantic romp–will be released on Tuesday, March 28. That’s why I’m here at the computer at midnight on the Saturday beforehand. I do want you to know–it’s finally for sale.

HIS RIP-ROARIN’ BRIDE, my first historical romantic comedy. Like the first in the #TexanBrides series, Rip-Roarin’ is a long novella and it’s on the sensual side in the hot-sex department. So far, the advance reviews have been nice. I’m especially proud of icon Pamela Morsi’s!

     “5 Stars – The trope of opposites attract…told with a Texas twang. Martha Hix’s new novella, HIS RIP ROARIN’ BRIDE is a delightful short read with tons of western authenticity, some great laughs and a bit of a mystery to boot.
     “Sheriff Wes yearns for a gentle woman of culture and conversation. Lisa-Ann is that sturdiest of Hill Country flowers. With Dad and Granny dead, and Mama in prison, she’s had to make the best of rough life. Now a man has done her wrong, stole her money and killed her dog. She is determined to put him six-feet under. But a sheriff’s got a job to do. And that job means curbing a wild woman with killing streak.
     “The question is, can Wes win her heart after thwarting her revenge? And will he need to completely give up his dignity to do it? The serenade scene alone is worth the read.
     “Delightfully believable characters. I think my readers will really enjoy this.” ~~Pamela Morsi posted at

Back to nowadays. Got the cover for the third in the #TexanBrides series, HIS HIGH-STAKES BRIDE and finished the copy-edits for it. Hooray for that. The cover for HIGH-STAKES is beautiful! My publicist at Kensington tells me there will be a big Cover Reveal. Should be THIS WEEK OR NEXT.

My boon companion Sarah Robinson and I are planning to attend the RT Booklovers Convention in Atlanta, come May. We spent a week in Houston with the Founder and owner of the convention, my dear friend, Kathryn Falk-Rubin, Lady of Barrow, in February, getting geared up for the convention. (Mostly we just did “being pals.”) These conventions are always wonderful places to connect with readers, writers, booksellers, and other industry professionals. I so appreciate that Kathryn and her team make the convention available to the rest of us.

Sarah and I arrive Tuesday, May 2, and we’ve already told the convention coordinator, Jo Carol Jones, to count on us to help with registration. Sarah and I will help, yes, but we also plan to have a great time. My cousin Jann Rand and her daughter-in-law, the author Chanta Jefferson Rand, are attending. Now it will be a family affair, too.

GOOD BUSINESS NEWS. I’m told that over and above the frequent, Lyrical Press-sponsored 99-cent sales, the Amazon #1 Bestseller THE CATTLEMAN TAKES A WIFE and LONE STAR LOVING, #McLoughlinTrilogy have permanently been discounted to $2.99. Big smile for this bargain.

*LONE STAR LOVING is still on sale. It’s the 2nd in the McLoughlin trilogy.

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