His High-Stakes Bride

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“Martha Hix is an internationally and multi-published, bestselling and award-winning author of romance fiction, first published in April 1986 by Silhouette Books. Her latest release is from Lyrical Press, a division of Kensington Books. The third installment in the #TexanBrides series, HIS HIGH-STAKES BRIDE is an August 29th release.”

It’s been three decades since Silhouette Special Edition published my first book, the co-authored PRISONER OF LOVE by Maranda Catlin. That’s a long time! I’m relieved to say, I’m still cashing real checks from real publishers.

My book THE CATTLEMAN TAKES A WIFE was a #1 bestseller in both western fiction and western romance at Amazon’s Kindle Store in 2016, and HIS MAKE-BELIEVE BRIDE–the launch of the #TexanBrides series and my first new work in 16 years–stayed on the Top 40 best-selling list for short stories, also at the Kindle Store, for almost six months.

Amazingly, I’ve done this even though I don’t write the typical romance novel.

My characters do as they please, and I like to add a large chunk of history, usually something I’ve discovered in my own family. In HIS HIGH-STAKES BRIDE, third in the #TexanBrides trilogy from Lyrical Press, Patience “Patty” Sweet is a very flawed heroine. (I didn’t get that from my family, even though we do have a flaw or two.) 

What I did grab was mining. My grandmother had cousins who were mining engineers who went to South America in 1895. That’s always intrigued me, as well as the crystal palaces of Chihuahua, Mexico. What does that have to do with Lubbock in 1910? Very little. But, hey. This is my third long novella on the Texas High Plains just before the High Plains got exciting. Can you cut me some slack?

Here’s a tidbit about Patty and Grant’s story…

Out to locate her missing mining-engineer daddy, Patty Sweet will do just about anything—and I do mean anything!—to pay for her long journey to find Papa. She’s young and alone, in dire need of a steadying hand. Even before her partner-in-schemes gambles her favors away to lawyer Grant Kincaid in a game of five-card stud, she knows she’s been double crossed. Finding papa is no-more. Then again, maybe not…

Handsome and hot Grant is the quintessential Alabama-born gentleman. He feels honor-bound to help the desperate damsel find her missing old pappy. He even escorts her on the final trail of discovery, which comes to both a crystalline and dark conclusion.

What Grant discovers along the way is the most clever woman he’s ever met, outside his own mama–his idea of perfection. Mama’s back in Alabama, thank heavens. There’s nothing to be gained by pitting Patty against Mama Perfect, so she’ll stay on her side of the Mississippi.

With Patty and Grant, I wanted her to have a man who’d provide solid ground beneath her slippers—stability. Grant hadn’t wanted for much, save for cerebral challenge…and everlasting love. Why not give him a gal just like the gal who married dear old dad? The only way Patty resembled his mother was in smarts, which I think is enough, don’t you?

Patty brought to their love match a keen understanding of mineral rights, thanks to her father’s tutelage; she showed Grant how to help his clients protect their rights. That sort of thing is very handy, even today in places like Texas, where natural resources contribute greatly to the peoples’ livelihood. Of course…a modern-day person’s opinion on the good, bad, or ugly about fossil fuel isn’t the point of this 1910 story. For Patty and Grant, they are two lonely people made whole by the melding of their hearts. Isn’t that what romance is best about?

HIS HIGH-STAKES BRIDE debuted on Tuesday, August 29, 2017.

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Oh, and one more thing. There’s no explicit sex in this trilogy. If you’re wanting bump and grind, buy THE CATTLEMAN TAKE A WIFE or one of my other titles.2017-McLoughlin Sale

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